Usage guide

Wiki usage guideline


As a member of iotatangle you can log in with your Slack account. If you don't want to use or disclose your Slack email address, send a PM with an email address (doesn't have to be working, but valid) to a moderator and you will receive a password via PM. There are no other ways to register.

After registration users have to wait for a moderator to create their user section /u/username and grant write permission for this section. Once your username is listed in the All pages → Users menu and user list you are ready to go.

Usage and workflow

Users will be granted write permission only within their personal user section /u/username by default. The usernames are similar to their Slack (or Forum) usernames. In their /u sections users can publish pages with information related to IOTA and other things they want to share with the community and general public.

This project needs the help of many users to create main pages like:

and many other guides, preferably in multiple languages too. For write requests and general discussion about this project we created the #projectwiki channel.

Write permission is individually assigned to users (or groups of users) who want to work on a specific page or section. This is necessary in order to prevent spam, if there were no restrictions some people would vanish content and put their reflinks and unrelated projects everywhere. We assign moderators from different timezones to take care of the user permission management and to have an eye on the user activity.

The information will be grouped into sections like /dev, /research, /wallet, /spanish or simply /es and only selected users get write permission for each section. A specific group of users will be able to create and edit pages about /research aspects of IOTA, while /wallet guides can be managed only by wallet developers as these pages contain sensitive data like download links and checksums.

Uploads & Images

Uploads are currently not well supported and handled by the wiki engine. The permission system is not available, so the functions to delete and move files will have to be disabled until a better solution is implemented.

  • Files and images should be uploaded to a folder similar to the path of their usage. Files appearing in wallet/guide page should be uploaded to wallet or wallet-guide folder. The slash / character cannot be used and will be turned into a hyphen -.
  • Users should create their own upload folder u-username for files and images they want to use within their /u/username section. Subfolders are not supported yet (for uploads).
  • The maximum upload file size is limited to 5 MB for images and 50 MB for other files. Please contact a moderator if you need to upload larger files. Files and images can only be moved and deleted by moderators.

Delete content

  • It is currently not possible to delete pages via the wiki interface. Pages either have to be renamed and used for a different purpose or be deleted by moderators manually.