Download & installation

Guide for the official IOTA (GUI) wallet


The official IOTA GUI wallet is available for download on GitHub. You will always find the latest release at the top of the following download page.

Download page:

The latest release while writing this guide is v2.5.2. If there's a newer version available it will be shown on the download page. Do not download the wallet from other sources.

Download the correct build for your operating system:

  • Windows users need the IOTA.Wallet.Setup.x.x.x.exe file,
  • Mac users need to download the IOTA.Wallet-x.x.x.dmg file.
  • Builds for other operating systems and the wallet source code are available too.

Always use the latest version! The wallet does not have an automated update mechanism. In order to avoid problems it is advised to check for new releases and other announcements regularly.

Installation & update

After you have downloaded the wallet you can verify the integrity of the file using the checksums provided on the download page. This is an optional step.

Then start the installation process (execute the file) that will install the IOTA wallet and prerequisites to your system.

If you are upgrading from an earlier release you just have to install the new version over the existing (unless stated otherwise in the release notes). You only need your seeds to access your wallets (and IOTA balances) from any place and device in the world, so it is usually not necessary to make backups of the wallet itself.

It is of utmost importance to fully understand how seeds work before you send any IOTA to your wallet in order to avoid financial losses!

Next steps

You have installed the latest version of the IOTA wallet. Continue to read the following pages before using it.